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MindNode 7.3 with new node shapes, tags improvements and a new smart layout engine
by Gregory Bondaruk on July 08, 2020

New Styles, Improved Tags, and Smarter Layouts

The last few weeks we’ve been digesting all of the new features that were announced at Apple’s virtual Worldwide Developer Conference. We’re excited about the transition to Apple Silicon and all of the new features we can bring to MindNode with iOS 14 and macOS 11. You can read about our impressions of the conference in the Wall Street Journal. We’ve also been hard at work on bringing you our latest update and with it new styling options, improvements to Visual Tags, and a significant change to our Smart Layout Engine. Let’s dig in!

New Node Shapes

We’ve added new styling options, giving you more ways to organize your thoughts. You can now create borderless main nodes (finally!), use an embedded style in the horizontal layout, and a line style when mind mapping in a vertical layout.

Create borderless main nodes in MindNode 7.3

New styles in MindNode 7.3

Visual Tags Improvements

We’ve updated the popup tags menu with the ability to enter tag highlighting mode, and remove tags (swipe the tags to the left on iOS).

Highlight and delete tags on the canvas in MindNode 7.3

We’ve made tag highlighting mode even more powerful. Now, when you highlight two or more tags, you can display them as a union, showing nodes with any of the chosen tags, or intersection, showing you nodes which have all of the selected tags.

New ways to highlight Visual Tags in MindNode 7.3

Smart Layout Engine

Our layout engine is what makes your mind maps look great and determines how your nodes move as you create your mind map. With this update, branches will now appear centered to their parent node.

Improved smart layout engine in MindNode 7.3

As always, there’s plenty of smaller improvements and bug fixes in this update. For full details check out our release notes.

MindNode 7.3 is a free update and is available now on iOS, iPadOS and Mac.