MindNode Triad


Everyone deserves to tap into the productive power of MindNode. Here’s how we’re working to make our software as accessible as possible for everyone.

Voiceover for Your Content

Hear Your Thoughts

Whether it’s a Mind Map or Outline, you can now listen back to your work with VoiceOver. Hear your project’s title, notes, and task states — plus audio content for any imagery used, such as Visual Tags. Bonus: we also tell you on what level and in which order your content sits by adding labels like “1st level” or “1.2.1” for example.

Availability: iOS and Apple Watch

Illustration of a dark-coloured man with dark hair and white glasses, listening to his thoughts, which are demonstrated with a mind map with white and bright orange bubbles and branches.
Speak To Move

Speak To Move

We want to give everyone flexibility in how they use MindNode. That’s why all screens are now optimized so you can navigate between them using your voice.

Apple’s take on Speech.

Availability: iOS and Apple Watch

Illustration of a woman with brown hair and a pink shirt, who is speaking her thoughts demonstrated  demonstrated with a mind map with white and bright yellow bubbles and branches.
Dynamic Text

Words Your Way

All text in mind maps has and will always be adaptable to your choice of size and style. Additionally, you can adjust the font size in the Outline. And of course, the MindNode interface automatically adapts to your system-wide settings.

Here’s how Apple sees “Vision”.

Availability: iOS and Apple Watch

Black font in front of a white background shown in regular, bold and large font size.
Custom Themes

See Better, Work Better

Make MindNode work for you with one of three downloadable themes: Black & White, High Contrast and Large Type. Lots of our built-in themes are also optimized for color contrast.

Availability: iOS and Mac


Illustration of three mind maps. The first one is simple in black white, the second one with bubbles and branches in rainbow colors in front of an orange background, the text in the center bubble is black and says 'large type'. The third mind map bubbles and branches are in rainbow colours with a black background, in dark mode.
Focus Mode

Remove Distractions, See What’s Important

When ideas grow, it's easy to get distracted. Focus Mode puts a spotlight on one branch only. This way, it is much easier to finish your thought.

Apple provides many features to help you reduce cognitive load.

Availability: iOS and Mac

Illustration of a darkskinned-hand holding a flashlight which highlights a node of a mind map. The flashlight and node are in different shades of violet. The background is orange.
Dark Mode

From Day to Night

Adapt your screen to your surroundings and avoid eye-strain by using Dark Mode. Appears automatically when enabled through macOS, or iOS System Settings.

Availability: iOS, Mac and Apple Watch

Illustration of a man, brown hair and wearing a pink shirt and blue trousers, sitting on a computer desk. The computer screen shows a mind map in dark mode. The desk is in front of a window showing the dark night sky with stars and the moon.

Local Lingo

MindNode is translated into 15 languages by real human beings, so it’s easier to use for real humans like you. MindNode speaks Arabic, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Swedish, Thai, Chinese (Traditional), and Chinese (Simplified).

Availability: iOS, Mac and Apple Watch

The word "Hello" in different languages in a black font, within boxes with a white background. The boxes are in front of a pink background.

App-Wide Accessibility

You also have the power to access the following features across MindNode, whenever they make sense:

  • Color inversions
  • Reduced motion
  • Reduced transparency

Here’s everything Apple does for an accessibility and ecosystem.

Availability: iOS

Illustration of a dark-skinned man in a white shirt and dark blue trousers standing in the middle of the pictures, surrounded by open computer windows in different sizes and pastell colours.