MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Jun 21, 2021



This update brings performance improvements for the outline and improves keyboard handling.

  • Added the ability to add or remove a task to a node in the Outline with an external keyboard
  • Ensured that a row stays selected in the Outline after deleting the last empty row
  • Ensured that editing is not interrupted by rotating the device or showing/hiding the inspector in full-size outline
  • Ensured that MindNode remembers if a document was edited in the Outline or on the Canvas when switching to a different app and back
  • Ensured that nodes are correctly laid out on the Canvas while editing a title in the Outline
  • Ensured that tapping on a node while searching in the Outline marks it as selected
  • Improved performance when editing large documents in the Outline
  • Improved performance when folding, selecting, & editing in the Outline of large documents
  • Improved support for VoiceOver in the Outline by adding the ability to trigger more actions through accessibility custom actions
  • Improved the preview image of themes when long-pressing a theme
  • Improved text editing behavior in the Outline when applying auto correction with the return key
  • Improved the "Show on Mind Map" action to center the Canvas to the relevant node
  • Improved the undo action while editing a title in the Outline
  • Fixed a bug where the move up/down action in the Outline would not work when the Canvas was set to manual layout
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when closing a document
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when deleting characters in the Outline
  • Fixed an animation issue when triggering "Search" in the inspector while the Outline is open
  • Fixed an animation glitch when flicking up the inspector panel
  • Fixed an issue with alphabetically ordering child nodes on the left side in manual layout
  • Fixed an issue with drag & drop with RTL languages
  • Fixed an issue where Sticker Search would not use localized keywords
  • Fixed an issue where the iPadOS pointer would be cutoff next to a folding indicator in the Outline
  • Fixed an issue where the text editing position would change after adjusting bold/italic settings in the Outline
  • Fixed the indent/outdent symbols in the context menu for RTL languages
May 28, 2021


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when opening two documents side-by-side on iPad
  • Fixed displaying Export and Print actions when a node is selected
  • Fixed outline filtering settings in Free Editor and Legacy mode
  • Hid actions that require a MindNode Plus subscription for Legacy customers
  • Improved outline Scribble interaction
May 25, 2021

New Features

Outlining (Plus)


Capture your thoughts in a hierarchical form directly in the outline. Add, remove, indent, and outdent Nodes. Rearrange your ideas by dragging and dropping. Edit your mind map and outline side-by-side.

Outline Interaction (Plus)


Choose the interaction that works best for you. Outlining supports touch, an external keyboard, or a trackpad. You can also use Scribble with Apple Pencil to add your ideas.

Outline Design


The outline has been updated with a fresh visual design. The new, linear representation makes it easier to distinguish node levels and identify the structure of your thoughts.

Outline Improvements (PLUS)


Added support for displaying the mind map on an external display while using the outline in full-screen mode

Added a "Show on Mind Map" action to reveal the node on the mind map

Added support for indenting and outdenting using gestures - swipe a row to the left or right

MindNode will now remember if a document was closed using the full-screen outline or mind map

Improved searching in the outline by adding a hint to remove filters to view more results


  • Added the Export action to the Actions panel
  • Improved how exporting documents as an image behaves when the file size is too large
  • Disabled node sorting actions during text editing
Apr 27, 2021



We've updated the Outline search filter preferences in this update. Now MindNode will remember your settings for showing open tasks or hiding inline tags.

  • Made the loupe icon in the Outline search bar responsive to clicking when starting a search
  • Fixed an issue where the canvas would not update its layout when text was edited in the Outline
Apr 08, 2021



This update has a few improvements for the Outline, and fixes several issues.

  • Added support for starting rearranging of a node from a folding indicator in the Outline
  • Changed the appearance of the folding indicator in the Outline to indicate that it can be interacted with
  • Disabled the task indicator for unfocused nodes in the Outline when using Focus Mode or Tag Highlighting
  • Disabled the folding indicator in the Outline for unfocused nodes
  • Fixed a crash which happened when creating a new child node from a folded main node in the Outline
  • Fixed an issue where the Zoom-to-Fit feature would not work correctly when the left sidebar was open

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