MindNode Triad

Release Notes

May 03, 2022


  • Added a tooltip when hovering over a link with the pointer
  • Added support to start editing in the outline by simply typing
  • Improved the node well to folding indicator animation
  • Fixed an issue with creating nodes using the node well when using cloud-shaped nodes
Apr 27, 2022


  • Improved the behavior of pasting links using the "Paste and Preserve Style" action to create a new child node
  • Fixed a bug that would cause incorrect QuickLook previews
  • Fixed a bug where smart text shortcuts would always be interpreted when pasting text, even if they were not active in preferences
  • Fixed a crash when trying to delete text in Quick Entry via the edit menu or context menu
  • Fixed an incorrect link to a support article
  • Fixed an issue where an alert would be displayed stating that a document could not be saved
  • Fixed an issue with copying links that have custom text attributes
  • Fixed the MindNode ID screens
Apr 19, 2022

New Features

Dynamic Node Well

New dynamic node well in MindNode 2022.2

Precisely create nodes in between pushed-away nodes. Automatically connect to the nearest node when dragging the node well. Experience the same dynamic behavior on Macs and iPads with Magic Keyboard.

Quick Entry

Updated Quick Entry in MindNode 2022.2

Refreshed to look & behave like the editable outline. Use the same powerful shortcuts to quickly jot down your ideas.

MindNode ID


Access your MindNode Plus subscription on all your devices, even if iCloud is not available on your device.


  • Added a new Shortcuts app action to add text to the current Quick Entry text
  • Added an action to the context menu to select all nodes with a tag
  • Added support for a context menu with options to assign, highlight, rename or remove, when long pressing a tag in the Tags tab
  • Added the ability to assign tags to a node in the context menu in the outline
  • Added the option to print the canvas without the background color
  • Adjusted the behavior of the "Show on Mind Map" action in the outline to make the canvas appear active
  • Improved the animation of dragging & dropping a node in the outline
  • Improved the appearance of notes when imported from OPML files
  • Improved the search engine for Sticker Search: results will match queries better, and suggested results will be ordered according to relevance
  • Improved the support of VoiceOver for the Export Sheet
  • Improved the use of horizontal space for text in the outline when note, image or task indicators are visible
  • Fixed a bug where editing would not stop correctly when using the Command (⌘) + Enter keyboard shortcut in the outline
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Option (⌥) + Delete on an external keyboard with an iPad would delete the whole row, instead of the last word while editing in the outline
  • Fixed an issue in the outline where the wrong node would be selected after finishing editing text while navigating with the keyboard
  • Fixed the appearance of customized pointers while dragging in iPadOS 15
Mar 26, 2022


  • Fixed a bug that prevented hardware keyboards from working correctly in the outline
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when launching MindNode on devices running iOS 14

We apologize for any issues you may have experienced in our last release

Mar 23, 2022


  • Added translations for the Shortcuts app actions
  • Adjusted the behavior of control-clicking a row in the outline to not activate the outline
  • Improved the behavior of copying and pasting an image from a web browser
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when putting a device to sleep
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when pressing Tab on the canvas while the outline search field was visible
  • Renamed the menu action "Copy URL Scheme" to "Copy Link for Opening This Document"
  • Changed default font alignment for subnodes in rainbow theme

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