MindNode Triad

Public Beta

Help us finalize MindNode Next

Envisioned for the new age of spatial computing and collaboration, experience brainstorming and mind mapping like never before in the all-new MindNode Next app.

MindNode Next is already shipping on Apple Vision Pro and we are currently finalizing it for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

Help us shape this new version of MindNode by providing feedback, and helping us uncover bugs so we don't ship them to our users. (beta@mindnode.com)

An illustration of a person standing on a ledge. In front of them is a cloud which they are touching with the index finger of their right hand. Around the cloud float pill-shaped nodes. Left and right of the person are floating app windows. On one you can see different MindNode stickers, on another a mind map.

How to Participate

The MindNode Next Beta program is open to all users. Basic features are unlocked for all users; advanced features require an App Store subscription to MindNode Plus. You might need to log in to your MindNode ID account to unlock all features if your subscription status doesn't automatically sync via iCloud.

Beta Use Can Mean Data Loss

We try our best to keep your data safe, but a beta version means that our quality assurance team has not fully tested the app yet. Word of Caution: Please only install a beta version if you are comfortable running beta software. Beta software might not be suitable for day-to-day work and TestFlight will replace your stable MindNode Next version with a beta build (currently only true for Vision Pro). MindNode Next will however not replace your classic MindNode app.

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By clicking the download links below, you agree to our Privacy Policy and understand that using a beta version can lead to data loss!

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Thank you for your time and help in testing this version of MindNode. We're interested in every aspect of your experience using MindNode.

Please send all your feedback to beta@mindnode.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I unlock the beta?

You need an active MindNode Plus subscription to unlock the beta. Create a MindNode ID account in the classic MindNode app and then sign in to the same account in MindNode Next.

Does the beta version replace my existing MindNode documents?

No. In MindNode Next all documents are stored on CloudKit and no longer as files on your disk. You can import a copy of your existing documents to continue to work on them in MindNode Next. Your original documents will stay untouched on your file system.

Can I collaborate with others?

Yes! You can use MindNode Next to collaborate with others on the same documents.