MindNode Triad


MindNode is made by IdeasOnCanvas GmbH, a small, independent company in Vienna, Austria.

On the surface we're made up of software engineers, designers, quality assurance experts and customer support. But we're also musicians, yoga experts, amateur brewers and Lego fans. We'd love to get to know you and see what makes you tick.

Open Positions

We Are Looking For


What's Important for Us

Creativity & Joy

Provide a canvas for the users creativity and make each interaction joyful.

Attention to Detail

Sweat the details and iterate over every single aspect, until it feels right.

Simple & Powerful

Embrace simplicity and see it as a tool that unlocks powerfulness.

Consistency & Familiarity

Seamlessly integrate with any environment, to make you feel right at home.

Flexibility & Diversity

Be opinionated and at the same time flexible, to adapt to all kind of needs.


What's In Working for Us


Adapt your working yours to your needs. You have the freedom to design your personal and professional life the way you want.

Healthy Lifestyle

Our complimentary coffee and milk is organic and every other week we receive a box of organic fruits and vegetables.

Team Activity

Attend regular paid team activities like Hack Weeks, Hiking Days, Running Events and Company Retreats.

Learn & Share

Attend conferences, courses and learn directly from the team. Share your learning on our blog or give conference talks.

Cutting Edge

Embrace new technologies and integrate them into your professional life.