MindNode Triad
by Gregory Bondaruk on June 18, 2020

Meet the Team – Andreas

MindNode is made by IdeasOnCanvas, a small, independent company based in Vienna, Austria. Since our founding, 12 years ago, we’ve grown from a one-man team to a group of 11 people, working on improving, developing, supporting, and designing the world’s most delightful mind mapping app. In this new series, we’d like to take the opportunity to introduce our team and give you a glimpse into the people that make MindNode happen. Without further ado, meet Andreas.

Hi Andreas! Who are you and what do you do at MindNode?

I'm Andreas, a student at the University of Vienna and I'm working in support here at MindNode. That means that I help our users with all sorts of problems and questions regarding MindNode. I use the information provided by users to file bug reports for engineering and I forward ideas, feature requests, and general feedback to the whole team.

Did you use mind maps before you worked at MindNode?

Since I'm a person who likes to visualize thoughts and ideas, I occasionally used mind maps to structure information before writing papers for university. I mainly used pen and paper for such mind maps and the limitations of maps on paper annoyed me but I didn't know MindNode back then.

How do you use MindNode?

​I still like to create mind maps before writing a paper for university. However, now I'm using MindNode to do so and it's just fantastic! I can quickly rearrange branches, detach and re-attach them, add images and links, and quickly restyle the whole mind map without much effort. Basically, all those things that are not easily done on paper. I have also used mind maps for presentations at university and at meetings of a volunteer student organization I am a member of. 

Are there any features that are particularly important for you?

I don't think that I can name a specific feature. What makes MindNode such a precious tool is the whole experience of effortless mind mapping and the visually pleasing design. 

What are some of your favorite uses of MindNode?​

I discovered that using MindNode for presenting my ideas to others is actually a lot of fun. Especially Focus Mode improved that by a great deal.

Has working at MindNode changed how you use mind mapping?

Working at MindNode has changed my use of mind-mapping by a great deal. I would say that I'm using it more extensively now; mainly because of the interaction with our users. It's really amazing to see all the diverse use-cases and what our users can accomplish with MindNode.