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Mastering MindNode - Advanced Text Shortcuts
by Gregory Bondaruk on May 27, 2020

Mastering MindNode – Advanced Text Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be a powerful tool when trying to avoid distractions and staying focused. When you’ve become acquainted with an app and its shortcuts well enough, they can start to feel like a natural extension of your hands as you type away. MindNode has many shortcuts that we all know from other apps, like ⌘ + C & ⌘ + V for copy and paste. But in this edition of Mastering MindNode, we’d like to show you a few shortcuts that will help your fingers stay on your keyboard and mind map more efficiently.

Smart Text Shortcuts

Smart text shortcuts make it easier to create notes, tasks, and tags while typing. Turn them on in the settings panel, and use them on the canvas and in Quick Entry.


You can create a note while editing your node title by adding a new line (⌥ + Enter), typing "--" and adding one more new line. Everything that you write below the two hyphens will turn into a note.


Add a hashtag at the end of a node title, followed by a word to add a new tag instantly. Do the same with other nodes, and they will all have the same tag.


Add "-[]" to the beginning of any node title to create a task. If you add "-[]" to a parent node, it will transform all child nodes to tasks.

Software Keyboard Shortcuts (iOS)

Most keyboard shortcuts require the use of a modifier key, like Shift ⇧, Option ⌥ , or Command ⌘. However, if you're using the on-screen software keyboard on your iPhone or iPad, you don't have access to most of these keys. That's why we've added a few shortcuts that work without a hardware keyboard.

New Child Node

Add a new child node while typing by entering three spaces.

New Sibling Node

If you want to add a new sibling node, just hit the Enter key three times.

Delete a Node

If you create a node by accident, you can remove it by hitting the delete key three times.

That wraps up our coverage of advanced text shortcuts. Our next topic will be Mac shortcuts.