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Learn about more canvas interactions with MindNode
by Gregory Bondaruk on October 19, 2020

Mastering MindNode – Canvas Interactions Pt. 2

This installment of Mastering MindNode will conclude our exploration of various canvas interactions you may not be aware of. We’ll show you how to instantly drop pictures in your mind map, annotate images and take advantage of the space bar to reorganize your mind map. Here we go!

Photo picker

The photo picker lets you view your Photos collection on the Mac and choose which images you want to add to your mind map. After opening it, you can easily drag and drop images directly from it inspector to your node of choice. You can also drag and drop images directly from the Finder or the Files app on iPadOS while using Split View.

Drag and drop images to your canvas from the Files app in Split View on the iPad

Drag and drop images to your canvas from the Files app in Split View on the iPad

Annotate images

Now that you’ve added an image to your mind map, you can also add some more information to it with annotations. Simply select the image on your iPad or iPhone, tap on Quick Look in the menu, and feel free to scribble with your finger or Apple Pencil. On the Mac you can select the image, right click it, and select Edit Image from the context menu. 

Annotate images in MindNode

Add more information to your images by annotating them directly in MindNode.


Part of creating your mind map is the freedom to reorganize your thoughts by combining them with other nodes. You can make this process quicker on the Mac by hitting the space bar to instantly attach a node to another one while dragging it.

Reorganize your nodes by pressing space to attach a node.

Reorganize your mind map by pressing space to attach nodes on the Mac.

Detach Nodes

Did you hit the space bar too quickly while reorganizing your thoughts? No problem! Start dragging the branch or node you want and hit "d" on your keyboard to detach it instantly.

Detach nodes instantly by pressing "d" while dragging.

Detach nodes instantly on the Mac while dragging by pressing "d".

That wraps up our coverage of canvas interactions in this series. We hope you’ve learned something new, and look forward to presenting our next installment on how you can use URL schemes in MindNode.

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