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by Markus Müller-Simhofer on March 29, 2023

Productivity Stickers, Hierarchical Themes, and more – MindNode 2023.1

Our first major update of this year is now available. MindNode 2023.1 adds productivity stickers, hierarchical themes, dynamic reordering, and many other improvements.

Productivity Stickers

An ongoing topic in our support emails is the request for new stickers. We collected your most requested ideas and created a new productivity pack with 35 new stickers. It includes tasks, notes, priority, and even a MindNode logo sticker. We hope they will help your document stand out. Let us know what stickers we should add next!

Hierarchical Themes

Today, we are also shipping the most significant styling improvement since we launched themes. Hierarchical Themes apply different styles to different levels of your mind map. They make it easier to visualize your mind map's structure and help you stay organized. With the update, we are shipping six new themes, including "Beach Day," "Retro," & "Neon."

Dynamic Reordering

Last year we introduced a new node-well with dynamic insertion behavior. We are now bringing the same behavior to existing nodes. When you drag a node, siblings will move to the side, making it easier to find the right spot to drop your node. This will help you to reorganize your mind maps quickly and efficiently.

More Improvement

There is even more:

  • We added a new action to easily switch from tinted to non-tinted stickers and back
  • Dragging multiple nodes now groups them together
  • On iOS, you can zoom the canvas using a double-tap & drag-up/down gesture like in the Apple Maps app
  • On macOS, we added an overlay when resizing nodes

As usual, you can find all the changes in our detailed release notes, and we can't wait to hear your feedback on the improvements we shipped this week.

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