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How can I open new MindNode files in older MindNode versions?

September 05, 2023

If you are using two different versions of MindNode please note that we sometimes have to introduce a new file format to roll out new features. Unfortunately, these file formats are not supported by older versions of MindNode.

To revert a document to a file format compatible with the older version follow these steps:

  1. Please open the document in MindNode
  2. Export it as a MindNode document
  3. Select the oldest MindNode version you're using in the export window.

On iOS, it is also possible to set the legacy file format as a default in the MindNode settings. To enable that:

  1. Please open the MindNode settings,
  2. Shake your device,
  3. Select “Show Settings” in the dialogue that appears,
  4. And then under Document Version choose the one compatible for you.

Mac export window