MindNode Triad
by Markus Müller-Simhofer on August 22, 2019

Welcome to Our New Website

For many years our website was only an afterthought. We pride ourselves on sweating over every single detail in our app, but we neglected all other channels of communication with you.

Last year we embarked on a journey to change this. As a first step, we updated our onboarding emails earlier this year. These are the emails you can subscribe to when you first launch MindNode. The 3-email-course takes you from how to create nodes to how you can style your documents and while doing so teaches you a little bit about Apple Strudel - a typical Austrian dessert. You can subscribe to this course on our new Learn page or preview the first email here.

While working on our new onboarding emails, we also started a project to revamp our website. The goal was to no longer present MindNode as two separate apps (with dedicated feature pages), add focus on how you can use MindNode (something that comes up a lot in support emails) and to find a fun & delightful design that better fits with the app.

A lot of team effort went into creating our website, but it wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic work and collaboration from our graphic designer Isabella Thaller, our web designer Thomas Strobl and marketing consultant Thomas Dori.

I hope you like our new website. Let us know what you think.