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MindNode 2021.2
by Gregory Bondaruk on May 25, 2021

Outlining on iOS

This January, we introduced Outlining in MindNode on the Mac. Since then, we've been hard at work, making further improvements, fixing bugs, and adding new features. We added new keyboard shortcuts, new multi-touch gestures, made the Outline easier to use, fixed numerous bugs, and much more. Today, we're happy to announce that we're releasing Outlining on iOS & iPadOS. It's the same Outline you already enjoy on your Mac, but fully optimized for your iPhone & iPad.

Made to Fit

Full-screen Outline in MindNode on iPad

In order to make Outlining a natural experience on the iPhone & iPad, we've adapted it to how you interact with your devices. You can outline by using touch, an external keyboard, or a trackpad. Like on the Mac, you can outline and mind map side-by-side, or use the new full-screen Outline.

Mind map and outline in MindNode on iPhone

Going Further

Outlining on iOS & iPadOS also takes advantage of the unique capabilities these devices offer. We've added support for using an external screen, which lets you see your mind map on a second display while outlining on your iPhone or iPad in full-screen mode. Outlining also supports Scribble with Apple Pencil.

Use Scribble with Apple Pencil in MindNode's 'Outline

Out Now

Outlining in MindNode is now available for all MindNode Plus subscribers. New Users can try MindNode Plus for free using our 14-day trial.

Check out our full release notes here.

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