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MindNode 7.2 bring trackpad support for iPadOS
by Gregory Bondaruk on May 19, 2020

Trackpad Support for MindNode is Here

It’s not often that Apple surprises us with a with a major new feature that completely transforms how we interact with a device. Yet, this spring they accomplished that with the announcement of pointer support in iPadOS 13.4 and the introduction of the new Magic Keyboard.

We’ve been using MindNode with the Magic Keyboard for the last few weeks. Based on our experience we gradually added pointer support to MindNode 7.1, and today we’re happy to share our first enhancements (with more to come soon).

Select nodes

Select nodes with the iPadOS pointer

Like on the Mac, you can now use the pointer to easily select multiple nodes using a rubber-band selection. Making it very easy to move multiple nodes or change the style.

Hint: this is also possible with touch input, by long pressing on the canvas and dragging your finger

Move and rearrange

Move and rearrange nodes with the pointer in iPadOS

The pointer also makes moving and rearranging your nodes slightly simpler. Now, you can instantly click and drag a node.


Interact with the node well, notes, tasks, and tags

When you’re working on a Mac, the cursor is constantly adapting to what you’re doing. We’ve taken the iPad’s playful, animated pointer and made it transform to the node well, tasks, notes, tags and the resizing knob.

Trackpad support makes an already fantastic mind mapping experience on the iPad even more powerful. Combined with our vast collection of keyboard shortcuts and gestures, it makes capturing your thoughts a breeze.

MindNode 7.2 is a free update and is available now on iOS and Mac. For a full list of all of the bugfixes and improvements, check out our release notes.