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User Guide

URL Schemes

URL schemes are specially formatted URLs that automatically perform actions in MindNode and other apps. On iOS, using Apple's Shortcuts app, actions can be combined into a complex workflow that accomplishes all sorts of tasks.

All URL Schemes start with mindnode:// followed by an action. If you don't provide an action, MindNode is simply launched.


Launch MindNode



Create Document


This action creates a new document in the default storage location. Usually, this is the MindNode iCloud Drive folder. You can change the default storage location in the Settings app under MindNode.


Open Document

Using the open action, you can open an existing document. Open supports several parameters that will help point to the correct document, and we recommend you use the feature in MindNode to create the URL automatically:

  • iOS: In the document picker, tap and hold on a MindNode file for a moment. Select "Share" from the context menu and choose "Copy Link for Opening Document" to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Mac: With a document open, navigate to the menu bar, click on "File" > "Advanced" and select "Copy Link for Opening Document" to copy it to the clipboard. You can now paste this URL into a text or URL field, and triggering it will automatically open the MindNode file.

Name & Path Parameter:


name: Name of the document. If your document name contains spaces, you need to replace them with %20.

path: This is an optional parameter only needed if the document is in a subfolder. MindNode tries to find the document in the iCloud Drive folder or the MindNode "On my iPhone/iPad" folder.


URL & Bookmark

mindnode://open?name=my%20next%20presentation -

URL: A URL to the document. The URL needs to point to a document in MindNode's iCloud container. Otherwise, the system won't grant permission to access the document.

bookmark: An optional parameter only used when you use the built-in action to create a "File URL Scheme."


Export Document

You can export a document using several supported export formats with this action. Parameters:


Name, path, URL, bookmarkData: Please see the open action for a detailed description format: A supported export format. See the list below.

Export Formats:

  • PNG (format='png' or 'img' or 'image')
  • PDF (format='pdf')
  • PlainText (format='txt' or 'text' or 'plaintext')
  • RichText (format='rtf' or 'richtext')
  • MarkDown (format='markdown' or 'mdown' or 'md') * OPML (format='opml')
  • Freemind (format='freemind')
  • TaskPaper (format='taskpaper')
  • TextPack (format='textpack')
  • MindNode Legacy (format='mindnodelegacy')


Import Document

Imports a document using one of the supported import formats. Parameters:


Format: A supported export format. See list below.

Name: This is an optional parameter. It will be used as the title for the document.

Content: This is an optional parameter. When it's provided, it will be imported into the document. Otherwise, we will look at the clipboard for the data.

Import Formats:

  • CSV (format='csv')
  • PlainText (format='txt' or 'text' or 'plaintext')
  • RichText (format='rtf' or 'richtext')
  • MarkDown (format='markdown' or 'mdown' or 'md') * OPML (format='opml')
  • Freemind (format='freemind')
  • TaskPaper (format='taskpaper')


Launch Quick Entry

Launches Quick Entry and adds the provided text as the content. Parameters:


Mac: mindnodequickentry://quickEntry?text='text?'&clearExisting='false?'

Text: This is an optional parameter. The text is added to the current Quick Entry contents.

clearExisting: This is an optional parameter. When set to true, existing Quick Entry content will be deleted and - if provided - replaced by the content provided in the text parameter.


Open Preferences



Change the App Icon


In order to change the App Icon replace "iconName" with one of the following values: “Default”, “1", “2”, “3", “4”, “5", “Dark”, “VolumeLicense” or “Colorful”.