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User Guide

Apple Script

Apple Script allows you to write scripts that batch export documents in all supported formats. We are currently supporting the following export types via Apple Script:

  • MindNode
  • MindNode's Single File Format - FreeMind
  • OPML
  • CSV
  • TaskPaper
  • PlainText
  • RichText
  • Markdown
  • DocX
  • PDF
  • PNG

For example, we created a script to take all OPML files from a folder and exported them as PDFs.

set folderPath to choose folder
set fileExtension to "opml"

tell application "Finder."
set the fileList to files of folderPath whose name extension is fileExtension
end try
end tell

tell application "/Applications/MindNode.app"
repeat with mindNodeFile in fileList
open (mindNodeFile as alias)
set mindNodeDocument to document 1
set fileName to POSIX path of (mindNodeFile as alias)
set baseName to (characters 1 thru -((count of fileExtension) + 3) of fileName) as string
set exportFile to ((baseName & ".pdf") as POSIX file)
tell mindNodeDocument to export to exportFile as PDF
close window 1 without saving
end repeat
end tell