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Headshot. Dentist and entrepreneur Dr. Avi Patel, wearing a white button-up collarless shirt smiling in front of a stone wall.
by Gregory Bondaruk on August 04, 2022

Staying Organized with Dr. Avi

Hi Dr. Avi, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Dr. Avi Patel, and I am a dentist and entrepreneur. I currently live in Austin, TX, with my wife and dog. I look to help others believe in themselves and maximize their potential in life. I look at life through a positive lens and believe everything happens for a reason. I use social media as an outlet to spread positivity - foster growth-oriented mindsets, and share tips for dentists pertaining to Invisalign. I created an online boot camp where I teach dentists how to do Invisalign with the hope of helping them provide their patients with comprehensive dental treatment.

When did you discover mind mapping?

I discovered mind mapping when I started my consulting business in March 2022. I was looking for a tool to help me document and organize my thoughts/ideas.

And how have you used it?

I started by using it as a tool to document my brainstorms for my consulting business. I then started to use it for step-by-step protocols and an outline for presentations.

Dr. Avi's mind map looking through his career

How does mind mapping help you personally?

It helps me document my flow state of ideas and thoughts in a very natural and seamless way.


By letting me stay organized with short and long-term ideas/goals - and allowing me to take a step back and look at the "big picture", which leads me to connect dots and form new connections, that I was not aware of in my brainstorm phase.

Dr. Avi's mind map on time management

Which device do you like to use MindNode on and why?

The iPad. I like the ability to type AND use my fingers to zoom in and out. I feel like Tom Cruise from the Minority Report 🤣

When are you getting your mind mapping done?

Anywhere and everywhere. There is no set time when I use it

Do you have any MindNode features that you particularly enjoy?

Focus Mode – it's great when I'm working on a specific topic.

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