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by Markus Müller-Simhofer on December 17, 2020

Outlining and Mind Mapping Side-by-Side

MindNode’s focus has always been to make it easy and fast to collect your thoughts, brainstorm your ideas, and structure your projects. For this, a mind map is the best technique, but sometimes a different method can help.

For example, I use MindNode’s Quick Entry to capture thoughts or use the outline view to browse open tasks. However, MindNode currently doesn’t offer an easy way to switch back into Quick Entry and doesn’t allow making fast edits in the outline.

Outlining in MindNode

After shipping an outline mode in MindNode for over ten years, we are finally giving it the attention it deserves: we are adding outlining to MindNode. So whether you prefer a mind map or an outline, MindNode is the best tool to brainstorm your ideas.

Outline and mind map side-by-side

Outlining will ship with our next feature release on Mac early next year and only two months later on iOS. In our initial release, we will support all basic outlining features. Throughout 2021 we will add new functionality - like inline notes, images, and tags - to cover all your outlining needs.

Public Beta

Bringing outlining without compromises to MindNode was not an easy undertaking. Not all aspects of a mind map can be directly transferred to an outline. We also wanted to support side-by-side mind mapping and outlining. During development, we made several assumptions about the behavior we expect. To verify our decisions and make necessary changes before releasing this feature to our large user base, we will do a public beta for this new feature. If you are a MindNode Plus subscriber, head to our "Public Beta" page to learn more.

A Strong Start into 2021

Outlining has been one of our top user requests over the years. We are very excited that we will bring this feature to our MindNode Plus subscribers early next year. With many new planned mind map and outline features, 2021 will be exciting for MindNode. Thank you for your continued support!

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