MindNode Triad

MindNode's keyboard shortcuts on Mac

November 22, 2021


= Escape

= Shift

= Control

= Alt/Option

= Command

= Enter

= Tab

= Space

→, ←, ↑, ↓ = Arrow Keys

Node Creation

Create New Child Node

+Create New Parent Node

Create New Sibling Node

+ Create New Sibling Node Above Current Node

+ Create New Main Node

Edit Node

+ Edit Node Title

+K Add Link

++K Open Link

++= Size to Fit Content

++T Add/Remove Task

++T Check/Uncheck Task


+ Zoom in

+- Zoom out

+0 Zoom to Actual Size (100%)

+= Zoom to Fit

+* Zoom to Selection

+R Go to Main Node

++R Center Selection

++= Lock Viewport on External Screen

++ Scroll Canvas Right

++ Scroll Canvas Down

++ Scroll Canvas Left

++ Scroll Canvas Up


+. Fold/Unfold Branch


+L Create Cross Connection

++L Show Start Node of Cross Connection

++L Show End Node of Cross Connection

++L Reset Waypoint of Cross Connection

+++L Hide All Cross Connections


++F Enter/Exit Focus Mode

Node Selection

Move right

Move down

Move left

Move up

+ Select Next Node in → Direction

+ Select Next Node in ↓ Direction

+ Select Next Node in ← Direction

+ Select Next Node in ↑ Direction

+A Select All

++A Deselect All

++A Select All Child Nodes

+< Forward Cycle through Main Nodes

+> Backward Cycle through Main Nodes

Move Node Selection

+ Move 1pt in → Direction

+ Move 1pt in ↓ Direction

+ Move 1pt in ← Direction

+ Move 1pt in ↑ Direction

++ Move 20pt in → Direction

++ Move 20pt in ↓ Direction

++ Move 20pt in ← Direction

++ Move 20pt in ↑ Direction

Organize Nodes

++R Reorganize Nodes

++B Balance Nodes

+++> Move All Nodes to the Right/Bottom

+++< Move All Nodes to Left/Top

+++T Sort Nodes by Task State

+++A Sort Nodes Alphabetically

++D Detach Node


+F Find

++F Find & Replace

+G Find Next

++G Find Previous

Sidebars, Pickers & Popovers

+1 Show/Hide Toolbar

+2 Show Sticker Picker

++2 Show Photo Picker

+3 Show/Hide Style

+4 Show/Hide Themes

++K Show Notes Popover

+5 Show/Hide Notes

+6 Show/Hide Tags

+7 Show/Hide Outline

Edit Mind Map


+ Delete Single Node

+X Cut

+C Copy

++⌘+C Copy Single Node

++C Copy Style

+V Paste

++V Paste Style

+++V Paste and Preserve Style

+D Duplicate

+++D Duplicate Single Node

+Z Undo

++Z Redo

Edit Outline

Add New Sibling Node

Delete Node

Fold Node

Unfold Node

Indent Node

+ Outdent Node

, Navigate Up and Down

+ Expand Selection Up

+ Expand Selection Down

+ Move Selection Up

+ Move Selection Down

Text Editing

+ Enter Text Editing

Exit Text Editing

+ Delete Node

At the beginning of a Node Merges the Node with the one Above

+ Split Node

Text Formating

+B Toggle Bold

+I Toggle Italic

+U Toggle Underline

++U Toggle Strikethrough

++ Increase Font Size

++- Decrease Font Size

++C Show Colors

+{ Align Left

+ Align Centered

+} Align Right

++ Emoji & Symbols


++T Show Toolbar

+: Show Spelling & Grammar

+; Check Document Now

++E Export

+N New

+O Open…

+W Close

++W Close All Documents

++F Enter/ Leave Full Screen

+M Minimize

++M Minimize All

+H Hide App

++H Hide Other Apps

+S Save

+++S Save As…

++S Duplicate

+P Print

+Q Quit App

++Q Quit and Keep Windows

++P Page Setup…

++ Show Previous Tab

+ Show Next Tab

++ Show All Tabs

+? Open User Guide

+? Get Support

Show Quick Look

+, Preferences…


Touch gestures are features that are almost impossible to discover, but they can be hidden gems that make interacting with an app much more powerful.

The following gestures are available in MindNode for Mac

  • Force touch on the canvas to create a new main node (Magic Trackpad 2 only)
  • Force touch on a node to bring up the note popover (Magic Trackpad 2 only)
  • Press and hover the mouse on the Node Well, it will change to the Folding indicator
  • and drag a node on another, the node style will be retained when 'Inherit Style' is selected in the
  • Press and drag&drop a PDF on a node, the PDF will be imported as an image
  • Press ⇧ and drag from one node to another to create a Cross Connection
  • Press & hold the space bar to move the canvas around with your mouse