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What happened to the keyboard shortcuts in MindNode 6?

April 01, 2020

We changed some keyboard shortcuts with MindNode6 and by doing that unified them across platforms!

Working on MindNode 6 we had two major things in mind. The first was to give the possibility of working in MindNode with fewer distractions and more focus. The second thing that really motivated us was the idea of making the transition between the iOS and the Mac version of MindNode as seamless as possible. This is why, besides adding Multi-Select to MindNode 6 for iOS, we also decided on changing some of our keyboard shortcuts. For muscle memory, it will take some time to adapt if you were used to the old shortcuts. The goal was to simplify some of them and in the long run, we feel it is way more comfortable to use the same shortcuts on your iPad and Mac.

Note: Our keyboard shortcuts are based on the QWERTY keyboard layout, as it is the most popular one. So depending on which keyboard layout you use, you might have to press some additional keys to get the shortcut right.