MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Feb 22, 2022

New Features

Notes in Outline


Create & edit notes directly in the Outline. Notes can be displayed inline below the title, or inside a popover.

Refreshed & New Themes


We've adjusted all of our themes to increase contrast and added two new themes: Blackberry & Swing.

Medical Sticker Pack


25 brand new stickers to add to your mind maps, featuring: woman with mask, scale, virus, microscope & more!


  • Added a slight delay before tasks disappear after being completed when viewing the outline with the "Show only open tasks" filter
  • Added support for automatically changing URLs pasted in nodes into links
  • Added the new medical sticker pack to the iMessage stickers
  • Added the option to reveal tasks in Things after exporting them by using the Shortcuts app
  • Improved automatic scrolling to the text cursor in the outline with long texts
  • Improved how the outline scrolls to a selected node
  • Improved the appearance of exported images by adding padding around the edges of the canvas
  • Improved the appearance of the node well so that it's aligned with the branch
  • Improved the behavior of the canvas when removing or folding a node in the outline to display the next selected node
  • Improved the performance of the outline with large documents
  • Fixed a bug that prevented images from being added via the document picker
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to copy in the outline when using the free editor
  • Fixed a visual glitch that appeared when switching from the panel outline to full-size mode
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to split a title in the outline with the return key while text is selected
  • Fixed an issue where the selection color would flicker for a moment in the outline
  • Fixed an issue with manually importing themes
  • Fixed an issue with the color of the panel when using MindNode in slide-over on the iPad and with dark mode