MindNode Triad

Release Notes

Oct 05, 2021

New Features

Optimized for iOS 15


Take advantage of new iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 features, including keyboard shortcuts menu, updated keyboard accessory view, better integrated image picker and system wide drag and drop.

Sticker Search


Powerful new sticker search that takes advantage of natural language processing and better localization support.


  • Added support for the "Duplicate", "Duplicate Single Node", & "Copy Single Node" actions in the outline
  • Added the ability to start editing the top selected node in a multi-selection
  • Added the option to "Copy as Image" in the context menu
  • Fixed a bug where dragging nodes to the same location could result in an undoable action
  • Fixed a bug where MindNode would crash when copying a node on the canvas
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong sticker could be displayed, while dragging it from the sticker picker to the canvas
  • Fixed an issue where text-editing would end unexpectedly after performing a merge/undo/delete action
  • Fixed an issue where the animation of opening the outline filters looked glitchy
  • Fixed an issue where the color of the main branch would change when child nodes were folded
  • Fixed an issue where the text cursor was improperly placed after using the Option (⌥) + Return (⏎) keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed an issue with opening suggested MindNode documents in the Shortcuts app
  • Improved navigation of nodes using the arrow up/down keys by ignoring empty last lines in the outline
  • Improved sticker search to be more tolerant of queries with typos
  • Improved the display of pill shaped nodes so that they do not cut off image attachments
  • Improved the font size in the outline filter settings
  • Improved the interaction with folded nodes when tapping the footer below them, indenting nodes when the parent node is folded, & adding a node to a folded node
  • Improved the performance of the outline with long segments of text
  • Improved the placement of the folding indicator with cloud shape nodes
  • Prevented automatic scrolling to the last edited node in the outline after scrolling & folding another node
  • Tapping tags in the outline no longer starts editing of a node
  • Updated the MindNode team credits images & added our newest team member
  • Updated the minimum required OS version to iOS / iPadOS 14 for MindNode